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Launch Ceremony

Geneva airport is celebrating its 100th anniversary and concocted a year of festivities with around twenty projects…! The site, built in 1920, handles nearly 18 million passengers per year. To launch the celebrations, we have developed a unique and fun concept for a memorable ceremony inspired by our collective imagination of airports, in a modern, elegant and playful way.

What better space than the old terminal to host this beautiful event? In order to present the program as well as the new visual identity of the centenary, we installed an absolutely unique and fun retrospective communicating on the evolution of the airport over 100 years.

We took advantage of the already-present check-in counters in the terminal on which we placed open suitcases filled with archive photographs. Columns were creatively covered with information relative to the airport at the period in question. A fun way for guests to discover the evolution of Geneva airport.

A successful takeoff! 

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