Founded in 2001, Events Concept is a live communications agency that specialises in compelling unique and creative event experiences. Our slow-growth approach has enabled us to maintain a discreet presence while prioritizing client satisfaction as the true measure of our achievements. The team is international and multilingual, with exceptional talent from Switzerland, France, the UK, Germany, the US, Italy and South America.

“We value innovation in creativity, seamless production, and respect for our clients, partners, and the world we live in.”

The management

Antoine Darbellay Antoine Darbellay Managing Director & Partner

Antoine is the founder of Events Concept and has been the driving force behind the agency since its inception in 2001. He is responsible for overall management and continues to develop the agency. With extensive expertise in large-scale events, he collaborates with brands and businesses, always striving for perfection to create unique and memorable experiences.

During his free time, Antoine is a passionate golfer and devotes himself fully to achieving a level of excellence in various sports.

Sophie Deletraz Sophie Deletraz Art Director

Recently, the agency has brought on Sophie as our lead art director. With more than 25 years of experience in the events and cultural sector, Sophie has an impressive track record of creating unique experiences and projects for prestigious brands and
institutions on a global scale. Sophie’s current focus is on projects that address the challenges of future generations, and she is particularly skilled at bridging the gap between seemingly disparate worlds that are, in fact, interdependent and complementary.

In her view, cultural communication is a strategicfool that can be leveraged to promote messages to a wider audience.

James Ormond James Ormond Executive Director & Partner

James is responsible for managing the agency’s global client portfolio and directing its expansion into new markets. With experience from major projects at GL Events, he joined Events Concept in 2004 and became a partner in 2006.

As a former British Olympic athlete and a passionate paraglider, he remains engaged with  his competitive spirit that has helped maintain the agency’s competitive edge.

Camille Bédat Camille Bédat Production Director

Camille leads a team of specialists within the production department and oversees all agency projects. Her pragmatic approach and enthusiasm enable her to effectively tackle complex issues, and she consistently demonstrates a dedicated commitment to achieving outstanding results.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Camille is passionate about the arts and engaging in charitable causes through desert expeditions around the world.


The team

Adelaïde Mallet
Adelaïde Mallet HR and Administration Director Linkedin
Alexandra Quazza
Alexandra Quazza Project Manager Linkedin
André Chervaz
André Chervaz Project Director Linkedin
Antoine Painot
Antoine Painot Account Director Linkedin
Anthony Mongellaz
Anthony Mongellaz Account Director Linkedin
Audrey Perrier
Audrey Perrier Project Manager Linkedin
Benoit Barnasson
Benoit Barnasson Freelance Project Director Linkedin
Carlotta Colombo
Carlotta Colombo Project manager Linkedin
Daniela Del Mar
Daniela Del Mar Graphic Designer Linkedin
Dominique Franchino
Dominique Franchino Operations Director & Partner Linkedin
Fabien Hauret
Fabien Hauret Account Director Linkedin
Jean-Luc Favre
Jean-Luc Favre Creative Producer Linkedin
Kanza El-Diwany
Kanza El-Diwany Project Manager Linkedin
Laila Chouitar
Laila Chouitar Project Director Linkedin
Margaux Lloyd
Margaux Lloyd Creative Designer Linkedin
Michel Laurendeau
Michel Laurendeau Technical Director Linkedin
Nicolas Valette
Nicolas Valette Freelance Light Director Linkedin
Romane Chatton
Romane Chatton Assistant Project Manager Linkedin
Sophie Knobloch
Sophie Knobloch Creative Director Linkedin
Valentine Georgiou
Valentine Georgiou Creative Interior Designer Linkedin
Maude Dubrit
Maude Dubrit Project Manager Linkedin
Zeljko Vukovic
Zeljko Vukovic Intern Linkedin