With the objective of reevaluating its environmental, economic, and social impact, Events Concept is committed to a more sustainable development process with the objective of achieving ISO’s 20121 event certification. Link

During the planning phase, our agency assesses and calculates the carbon footprint to provide recommendations that influence decision-making, making it easier to organise more sustainable events. 

In the production phase, we engage to implement our 12-point responsibility process in order to reduce the footprint  impact whenever and wherever feasible.

01. Better Travel with Less Impact

Our dedication to reducing the environmental impact of events entails prioritizing eco-friendly travel options and minimizing unnecessary team and guest travel, as it can contribute to as much as 80% of an event’s CO2 emissions. In cases where travel cannot be avoided, we strive to make it as sustainable as possible. However, if it is deemed non-essential, we may opt to reduce or cancel it altogether.

02. Preference for Recyclable, Rented, or Reusable Materials

We aim to reduce waste by using recyclable, rented, or reusable materials and giving them a second life.

03. Reduction of single-use plastic

Plastic has become ubiquitous and its production and composition are damaging to the environment. We aim to eliminate single-use plastic at our events.

04. Waste reduction, sorting and recycling

We strive for waste reduction at our events and implement sorting and recycling to achieve this goal.

05. Sustainable Event Design and Production

Designing and producing an environmentally responsible event requires incorporating sustainability considerations right from the outset. Therefore, we ensure to adopt a responsible approach starting from the initial planning stages and carry it through the entire production process.

06. Involving Suppliers in Sustainability Efforts

We work with our partners to select and/or educate them on sustainable practices, with the goal of mutual improvement.

07. Switch to Clean Energy

We prioritize the use of green energy networks for the energy consumption generated by our events and travel.

08. Encouraging Responsible Venues

When choosing venues, we prioritize locations that are environmentally responsible and have a good energy performance, accessibility, neighbourhood involvement, and other factors.

09. Social Responsibility

We aim to incorporate social responsibility into our approach, creating a professional and caring atmosphere at our events.

10. Supporting Local Economies

To reduce travel and respect the regions, we aim to be active participants in the local economies.

11 Environmentally Friendly Catering

In partnership with catering experts, we promote environmentally friendly catering options such as seasonal, local, and eco-packed food, and donate unused food to local organizations.

12. Post-event review for continuous improvement

To ensure continuous improvement, we conduct post-event reviews and draw up reports to assess the implementation of our sustainability charter.

“Our agency is committed towards providing alternative solutions in order to reduce the event’s carbon footprint”

The Events Concept team